Wireless Screen Sharing for Android Devices with VGA

Sometimes you want to give a presentation or moderate a meeting in a building where no HDMI projector can be found – only VGA devices are available.

Another situation might be, that the HDMI cable coming from the projector is built into the wall and does not work wiht your AllShare Link Cast Dongle (e.g. it has the wrong HDMI standard).

In both cases you are stuck with the “good old” VGA. How can you start your screen mirroring anyway?

There are two solutions: a wireless one we describe here and another one using a cable (see Screen Sharing for Android Devices using a VGA Cable).

What you need

How to Connect your Tablet to a VGA Device (typically an old Projector)

Working with a VGA converter is a bit tricky – the order and timing in which you have to connect the different cables is essential. The working solution we tested is the following:

  1. Connect your AllShare Link Cast Dongle to a power source – do NOT connect the HDMI cable to the converter (just to the Dongle)
  2. Connect the converter via VGA to the projector and to a power source
  3. Start the screen mirroring on your tablet (like shown in our how-to using HDMI), then do the following:
    1. Wait until the LED on the Dongle lights up in blue (steady – not blinking!) – then wait aprox. 2 seconds…
    2. …and connect the HDMI cable to the converter


Now you should have a wireless connection to the projector. At the beginning you have to practice a little to adjust the timing.

Once the connection is established, you can even switch to another source on the projector and back or remove the VGA cable from the projector temporarily without loosing the connection between the Dongle and tablet. This way you can hook up the connection before a session and then give other speakers the stage in the meantime. Try to not disconnect the tablet with the dongle (e.g. don’t shut down the WLAN) before you finished your presentation.

Have a good presentation or meeting!

If you have any questions or need furhter information please use the comments below or . We are happy to help you!

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