Presenting with an Android Device: Show Your Touches to the Audience for better Awareness

If you share your Android tablet screen with an audience (e.g. for a meeting or presentation) it is helpful to enable “Show Touches”. Why? Because your audience can see how you interact with the device (e.g. when you start zooming or panning). This awareness helps them to stay oriented and engaged in your presentation.

Now we show you how to enable “Show Touches” for this purpose:

Go to System Settings and tap "about device" or "about tablet"
1. Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT DEVICE > tab 5-7 times on “Build number” to enable DEVELOPER OPTIONS
"Show Touches" in the Developer Settings Menu in Android 5
2. Go to the DEVELOPER OPTIONS menu and enable “SHOW TOUCHES”

With these settings, all interactions with your device are shown to an audience (Touch and S-Pen). This is especially helpful if you use Mind-Objects during meetings or presentations.

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Marius Brade

Marius is a visual thinker and UX-professional. He did his PhD in the topic of "Visualization Methods for Interactive Gathering and Structuring of Information in the Context of Knowledge Modeling"

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