Set up Your Android Tablet for Presentations and Meetings

You have a tablet running Android and want to optimize your device for presentations?

The follwing settings (with links to further posts with detailed information) will boost your experience – and the one of your audience of course.

What you need are the following devices:

Prepare your Tablet for Screen Sharing

  • Optimize your notification panel for Screen Mirroring
  • (Samsung Galaxy NotePro and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition) Deselect the option “Multiwindow” to prevent the sidebar from distracting your work – just enable it on demand through the notification panel
  • Enable “Show Touches” for your audience, so that they see what you are doing
  • If you want to share your Mind-Objects screen in online-meetings you can use the App Cisco WebEx Meetings (or connect your tablet to a PC or MAC using SideSync and then use any online-meeting software to share the respective window showing the tablet screen)

Further UI Tweaks

  • Set your screen-timeout to 10 minutes for undistracted work with your tablet (settings > device > display)
  • (Samsung devices only) Disable S-Pen detachment options (German “Entnahmeoptionen”) by selecting “none” (in settings > controls > pen detachment options)
  • (Samsung devices only) If you are not using the S-Pen button functions and accidently pressing the button, you can disable the S-Pen button (settings > controls > S Pen > and disable “Air Command” (German S Pen-Befehle). Sidenote: the Tab A 9.7 has an improved S-Pen where you can’t press the button by accident that easy – so you won’t need to disable this funtion.
  • (Samsung NotePro) If you don’t need the “Magazine Screen” you can disable it like shown by a video from lawmanfj

Prepare for Content Sharing (using Mind-Objects)

  • Setup your e-mail account on the tablet (go to settings > general > accounts > e-mail) to be able to send screenshots directly out of Mind-Objects
  • If you don’t have an internet connection available you can also share your screenshots via Bluetooth or USB-Cable with other devices


With the settings above you are all set for using Mind-Objects in your daily work. If you are new to your website: check out our page about Mind-Objects.

We are happy to answer any of your questions – !

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