How to pass-on Knowledge using ad hoc Videos

In this post we offer you an example of how to work together with colleagues using Mind-Objects in conjunction with a screencast app (we use AZ Screen Recorder) to create short videos ad hoc.

Example: Product Design Process

As we were working on the new share feature, we designed the process itself with Mind-Objects. My colleague used a screencast software to explain his thoughts to me. Here is a snippet of the video I got (the voice is in German):

Why is this Way of Passing-on Knowledge so efficient?

  • Informal: it is an informal format – and as such it feels like talking to your colleagues. You will not get distracted by anything else than your notes. Others will see, that you are talking about concepts. No overhead. No shiny things. No visual clutter.
  • Fast: it takes only a few minutes to create a screencast (usually just the time of the video in the end)
  • Efficient: because of Mind-Objects you can switch between overview and detail or animate things ad hoc – all while explaining your thoughts using speech. This way storytelling gets a new dimension and spontaneity!

What you need


Prepare you Tablet with Mind-Objects

How to configure the Screencast App

Result of this Product Design Process

In the following video you see how our sharing feature can be used in Mind-Objects PRO (this video is also created with the method described above – and it is the result of our product design cycle):

Any questions? !

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Marius Brade

Marius is a visual thinker and UX-professional. He did his PhD in the topic of "Visualization Methods for Interactive Gathering and Structuring of Information in the Context of Knowledge Modeling"

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