Share your Samsung GALAXY Note Tablet Screen via Internet (or locally) using SideSync

What you need

  • A SAMSUNG tablet running Android 5 or higher (here we used a Samsung GALAXY NotePRO SM-P 905)
  • A Windows or MAC laptop / desktop computer
  • An online-meeting tool (e.g. Skype, Webex, Adobe Connect)


  1. To install SideSync download and install the software from on your PC or MAC.
  2. Install the SideSync App on your Tablet.

How to Connect your Tablet to a PC or MAC

Using WLAN to Connect

Connect your tablet (Android 5 or higher required) and your PC or MAC device with the same WLAN.

Using a USB-Cable to Connect

Connect your tablet (Android 5 or higher required) and your PC or MAC device using a usb-cable. The advantage: your image quality is better than using WLAN.

How to start the Screen Mirroring

As soon as you connected your tablet with your PC or MAC:

1) Start SideSync on your PC or MAC


Normally SideSync automatically builds up the connection to your tablet, but you can also start SideSync on your tablet manually.

2) After the connection was established the following window should appear on your PC or MAC:

Hit the button "Tablet screen".
2) Hit the button “Tablet screen”.

Now you can see the screen of your tablet and interact with it. But you won’t see anything on the tablet and thus not yet be able to use the S-Pen.

3) On the window “Tablet screen”:

3) Open the menu in the upper left corner by pressing the arrow button.

4) Choose “Tablet Screen Mirroring” from the drop down menu:

Select "Tablet Screen Mirroring"
4) Select “Tablet Screen Mirroring” (German: “Präsentationsmodus aktivieren”)

Now you can use your tablet as usual with the S-Pen and your screen is being displayed on your PC or MAC.

5) To enable full screen hit the respective button on the upper right:

Use the button in the upper right to go to fullscreen with Mind-Objects in SideSync
5) Use the button in the upper right to go to fullscreen with Mind-Objects in SideSync

How to prevent your Windows Computer from going to sleep during the presentation

Go to “power settings”
Go to “power & sleep”, then chose “never” for screen and standby

Sharing the Screen

Now you can share your screen displayed on your PC or MAC with any audience:

  1. (locally) through connecting a projector or TV to your PC or MAC (which is connected to your tablet via SideSync)
  2. or (via internet) through using any online meeting software like Skype / Webex / Adobe Connect etc.

We used SideSync in a presentation – have a look how it works in action:

Have a good meeting or presentation!

For any further questions don’t hesitate to write us in the comments below or . We are happy to help you!

How to Connect your Samsung GALAXY Note Tablet to a Projector or Screen wireless using the AllShare EAD-T10E Link Cast Dongle

What you need

Setting up the Wireless Connection

The video shows the following steps for connecting your tablet via a Link Cast Dongle to another screen (wireless):

  1. Connect the power supply to the Dongle
  2. Plug in the HDMI cable (preferrably use the one shipped with the dongle, since not every cable has the required HDMI standard)
  3. If you connect your tablet with the dongle for the first time, press the button on the Dongle (do that before you start any connection on the tablet – otherwise we experienced problems)
  4. Turn on WiFi (if there is a known WiFi network wait untill it is connected)
  5. Choose “Screen Mirroring” from the settings menu or from the notification panel (if you have a new Dongle, usually the Firmware is beeing updated via the tablet, don’t disconnect it during the process)

We prefer using the notification panel, since you are way faster, than when you open up the settings menu first. In the beginning of the video, we show you how to configure your notification panel for this purpose.

Side note:

Alternatively you may use a micro-USB cable (not shipped with the Dongle) to connect the power supply to a screen directly. This works with most TVs, since they have the USB port right next to an HDMI port:


If you are looking for an alternative to the AllShare LinkCast Dongle look at this post: Alternatives to the Samsung AllShare LinkCast Dongle for Sharing your Android Tablet Screen

Have a good presentation!

If you have any questions or need further information please use the comments below or. We are happy to help you!

Presenting with an Android Device: Show Your Touches to the Audience for better Awareness

If you share your Android tablet screen with an audience (e.g. for a meeting or presentation) it is helpful to enable “Show Touches”. Why? Because your audience can see how you interact with the device (e.g. when you start zooming or panning). This awareness helps them to stay oriented and engaged in your presentation.

Now we show you how to enable “Show Touches” for this purpose:

Go to System Settings and tap "about device" or "about tablet"
1. Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > ABOUT DEVICE > tab 5-7 times on “Build number” to enable DEVELOPER OPTIONS
"Show Touches" in the Developer Settings Menu in Android 5
2. Go to the DEVELOPER OPTIONS menu and enable “SHOW TOUCHES”

With these settings, all interactions with your device are shown to an audience (Touch and S-Pen). This is especially helpful if you use Mind-Objects during meetings or presentations.

Any questions? – !